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Nomad Services

Working with you to help decarbonise and reduce energy usage in your buildings.

Here at Nomad we don't want to provide you with a generic service which we apply to all buildings in the same way.  Instead, we look at each building as being unique, which requires a more holistic approach.  Although our process is the same for all buildings, our learning curve for each specific building is evolving from day one. Due to our data analysis and operational insights we provide tailored building recommendations and system optimisations.

Person Analyzing Statistics


Optimising heating and cooling is a question of matching energy supply to demand. By changing the demand profile or magnitude, the supply side will have to follow.

We utilise data-based analytics to optimise heating and cooling systems in buildings while maintaining and improving air quality and occupancy comfort.

Transition from Fossil Fuels

Our service process is built up by the stages required to make a correctly sized low-carbon heat supply system.


We not only prepare the building for the new conditions before making the actual transition, we minimize and de-risk any operational and capital expenditures

Solar Panels
Financial Report


We keep you up to date with a customized dashboard with real time and processed historical data including important alerts.

Regular reports give, up-to-date energy, carbon emission and room air quality data along with operational insights containing valuable recommendations and interventions.

Monitoring Platform

We provide you with an easy to use monitoring platform by way of web browser and stand alone application that allows you to see how your building is responding to the suggested changes before and after their implementation, making improvements easy to see and quantify.

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