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Why Choose Nomad?

This is an ecosystem business – collaboration is essential between building owners, facilities managers, construction companies, building surveyors and heating/cooling experts.

So What Makes Nomad Different? 


We work with you

Using our vast experience in the heating and cooling industry and our technological edge we gather comprehensive amounts of information so that we can work with you to make sure you always have the correct tools to make the right decisions about your building(s). 

We know that all buildings are unique and should be treated accordingly. We have made it a Nomad mission to consider the energy performance and system optimization as building specific and therefore making the in-depth energy analysis for each building.


Nomad is working WITH you rather than FOR you. We are continuously interacting with our customers and providing insights updates as they appear. We also provide advice in contact with consultants and contractors.

We look deeper

At Nomad we look deeper by:

  • gathering all existing building fabric information, historical energy and electricity consumption data into one data pool.

  • Performing in person site surveys to really get to know the buildings.

  • adding required amount of energy sub-meters and sensors to follow buildings energy flow on nearly real-time basis.

Then using fact-based building analytics, we can proactively:

  • understand and optimise building thermal behaviour before intervention allowing immediate savings from simple changes.

  • plan an optimal heating technology transition to decarbonised heating sources reducing associated risks.

  • maintain heating/cooling optimisation going forward giving continued savings.



Here at Nomad we aim to strike the perfect balance between  experience, expertise and technology.  This allows each factor to work to its prime potential.

We bring In depth knowledge of heating and cooling of built environments and see ourselves as a hybrid between building management and advisory consultancy providing hard facts along with human insights.


We consider ourselves an evolution of the existing ecosystem adding the important factors of a holistic view, extensive experience and expertise combined with comprehensive amounts of continuously analysed data to improve building thermal performance on continuous basis.

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