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Nomad were formed in 2019 bringing together a group from differing expert disciplines and skillsets to form a small but highly experienced team. 

We were brought together with the principle of making heating decarbonisation projects in the UK much more cost efficient, less financially risky and more quicky achieved.

It was clear to us that most heating system installations, even new ones, were 2-3 times over-sized due to conservative operation principles. Nomad set about providing services to make the heat transition successful and at minimal costs.

Today we work with local authorities and building owners optimising the heating and cooling in their building stock whilst preparing for reduced risk, reduced cost and reduced time transition from fossil-based fuels towards decarbonisation.

The Nomad Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Every member of the Nomad team brings something different and valuable to our process and the clients we help.

We are a small dedicated, passionate team with many years of experience within our fields, with a shared desire to help our cients achieve their building optimisation and decarbonisation goals.

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