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Dramatically improve building occupancy, air-quality and energy performance using a deeper understanding of collected data

Improve building performance using a deeper understanding of energy, environmental and asset data  

Delivering tangible benefits for building owners, operators and users

Asset Monitoring

Our platform monitors asset performance and condition for energy and air-quality infrastructure within buildings

Net Zero

Using the latest sensor technology, data and APIs to give a precise view of real world building performance for optimising buildings energy performance and delivering net zero plans

Artificial Intelligence

Using energy, occupancy, weather, environmental and asset data to optimise energy schedules and demand profiles for the building

Healthy Buildings

Air quality, humidity and ventilation monitoring for control of the internal environment for improving occupational productivity and health post COVID


The smartest way to manage energy for your building

Our platform can deliver new performance levels for your building

Use energy, environmental and asset information to help manage your building in new ways 

Low Carbon Transition 
Many commercial and industrial buildings today have energy systems based around gas, oil or other fossil fuels 
Replacing these systems requires a strong, in depth understanding of real world performance 
This helps with system sizing, specification and low carbon technology selection 
Our platform accelerates the decision making and reduces risk of new system design 
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Our platform is designed to deliver new outcomes for commercial and industrial buildings 

Energy assessment & net zero design 

Nomad Precision Platform


We use the latest in sensor technology, metering data and APIs to give a precise view of real world building performance.  This is used for compliance reporting and also in our assessment for achieving net zero at lowest cost and least risk 

Active asset   monitoring 

Nomad Asset Platform

 We use our platform to monitoring asset performance and condition for energy infrastructure within buildings - such as heating boilers, heat pumps and heating controls.  We offer predictive maintenance for building owners 

Artificial intelligence 

Nomad AI

Using energy, environmental, weather, occupancy, geographical and asset data, we use machine learning to optimise energy schedules and the demand profiles for the building.   This is designed to minimise cost and associated emissions 

Cyber secure

Nomad Security

Data security is critical for commercial building owners and users.  Our solution includes a cyber security assessment of IoT devices for energy management to ensure a high standard of service and peace of mind

How it works

Delivering net zero

We deliver data and insight to help owners, managers and users move from fossil based systems towards net zero carbon energy systems.  

Our approach is easy to set up and shows proven results in months not years.   

We focus on shaping new investment in energy systems with minimum cost, less disruption and least risk 

Improved asset performance

We provide an easy to implement process to improve building compliance, asset management and cost performance.  

Our comprehensive platform delivers data and system that can drive significant change for commercial and industrial properties. 

Our current clients have improved energy performance by up to 35% 


Continuous improvement using AI 

We deploy innovative machine learning techniques using data gathered from our low cost building sensors, metered energy data, asset performance information and information from external weather patterns.  

This helps deliver continuous improvement for building managers in a real world environment rather than via a theoretical building information model  

Safe and secure data and IoT 

Let us help your business safeguard your building data and energy systems from unwanted data security breach. 

Our Nomad platform uses the latest, most secure IoT protocols for business and corporate clients 

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Our customers

"Helping our business transition to net zero in less time and risk"


About us 


Matti Inkinen

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Outstanding record of performance in delivering complex data and ICT projects.   Previously Global SVP for major international engineering company  


David Westwood 

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Experience in delivering projects in nuclear, oil, gas and renewables.   Prior to Nomad, led EMEA region for major international consulting business 


Dr Paolo Di Prodi 

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15 years experience working for major 

software companies in data and security systems.   Has leading engineering and scientific experience in AI and deep learning.   


Peter Ohrstrom

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Technical Director


30 years experience in projects relating to 

energy efficiency for 

the built environment.  

Focus on low carbon, district heating and renewable energy systems .


Gordon McGregor 

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Product Director 

Experienced in the delivery in energy infrastructure and product design. He has previously served as Innovation Director at major European utility company 

Nomad Energy Solutions is a company based in Edinburgh,UK.   We work with partners to help improve the energy efficiency, comfort and carbon performance of commercial and industrial buildings.  
We use an innovative approach to data, analytics and AI to radically alter the approach to building energy management to make buildings more healthy and prepare them for the transition to net zero. 
Our team is made up of leading professionals from ICT, energy and environmental sectors 


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